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  2. Lilikoi: an R package for personalized pathway-based classification modeling using metabolomics data
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  12. Fig 1 shows the normalized REE concentrations of the studied glass fragments as classified to characteristic pattern of wood ash soda lime and soda ash glasses Fragments Bru15 Bru16 Bru19 Mz9 and also N1 were assigned to wood ash glasses since a strong negative Eu anomaly is observable which is a typical signal for granites from the normal continental crust as source for the?
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  25. Author summary With the continued activities of the prevention and control programme in China the prevalence and intensity of Schistosoma japonicum infection have been reduced to low levels This makes it impossible to detect any infections in humans or livestock using the traditional approach of fecal and serological testing so as to evaluate properly the risk map of infection.
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  27. Salisbury City Football Club was an English football club based in Salisbury Wiltshire They were formed in 1947 and played at The Raymond McEnhill Stadium Salisbury have gained back to back promotions in first to the Conference South in the 2005 06 season by finishing top of the Southern League Premier Division followed by winning the play off final in the 2006 07 season to participate.
  28. Setting of Return air sensor using wired remote control
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  33. It relates to a simple and material saving locking floor board The floor board block with long and short edges with interpadded groove and tongue with the lower surface of the tongue of the short edge being arc boss the lower wall of eh corresponding short slot having arc dent free from squeeze deformation and stress a close triangle boss at the lower surface of the tongue of the long edge.
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